Product Features

Orionfinity applications come with a wealth of out of the box features which help to make Orionfinity an all-rounder when it comes to developing applications.

Compatible With Any Device

All of our applications are progressive web apps which means they work on any device such as a desktop, mobile or tablet. Access your application at any time and any place!


Need to use the same application across multiple organisations or departments but keep the data isolated in each? Orionfinity applications have the ability to be multi-tenant, allowing multiple organisations to use a single application.

Dashboards and Charts

Discover a range of reporting charts to view your data trends all in one place. Available for both general users of the system for business related trends and system administrators to view system related trends i.e. number of new users in the current month.


Applications come with out of the box security allowing administrators to add, delete and manage users. Role based authorization allows administrators to control what access levels a user can have.

Custom Themes

Orionfinity applications allow custom colour palettes to fit your required brand colours. Applications comes with an additional dark mode to aid night-time working and prevent accelerated eye strain.

Intuitive, Professional UI

It is no secret that a well designed and easy to use user interface increases efficiency and productivity, so we strive to ensure that the UI is designed in a way that makes it intuitive to existing and any future users.


Communicate with your users or customers via email that can be formatted to your desired look.

Latest Cloud Technology

Orionfinity applications build on the foundations of the latest cloud-based technology, allowing applications to be accessed at any time, any place and from any device.

Third Party Integration

Our applications can integrate with any third party provider such as payment systems for transactional activities and identity systems for authentication.

Try the demo today

We also like to go one step better here at Orionfinity, you can now try out a completely free, no strings attached, no sign up required demo application for a feel of how our applications work.

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