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We like you to know the kind of thing you will be getting when we deliver your software. Although we will cater to your specific requirements we have provided some samples of what we can do and what type of features we can implement if you require.

One of our products Infinity Screen Capture has been used as a sample product for many of the below features.

Intuitive, Professional UI

It is no secret that a well designed and easy to use user interface increases efficiency and productivity, so we strive to ensure the UI is designed in a way that makes it intuitive to existing and any future user.

Secure Authentication

If you require a user based system, we provide a secure authentication system to log in, sign up and manage users. This is built on the latest and most secure authentication technology to ensure full protection.

Bespoke Reporting

We can provide a range of reporting charts based on data gathered from the application or external sources. We can provide any commonly used chart type depending on your requirements.

Latest Cloud Technology

With many industries now moving to cloud based technology, our systems are designed to be hosted securely in the cloud. This provides many benefits and allows centralisation of your application and data. Cloud also means you get a choice of where in the world your app is hosted!

User Management

Our user based systems are designed to be fluid and manageable, this means that administrators will have full control over users and role assignments.

Third Party Integration

Because our systems are built on the latest modern technology, we can integrate with a vast number of other trusted third party systems, for example allowing authentication with Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts and secure payment providers such as PayPal.

Custom Themes

We design your software with your branding, custom made to fit your desired colour palette. We also offer dark mode on our applications which is now common across the digital world.

Professional Email

Our applications have the ability to send out emails if required, the email design can be modified to fit your requirements and colour palette / branding guidelines.

Our software is with you in mind.

Interested in our services?

We would love to hear from you, if you require any of our software development services please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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